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A Digital Agency

Itsblockchain has always been more of a community than a company, striving to bring the best of signals to its customers. A strong work ethic, a dedicated workforce, and a strong trusting clientele is all we work for.

Forward Thinking

We know our history and our roots, but more importantly, we have the vision to chase. Forward, open thinking is what you need to be 2 or 3 steps ahead in today’s crypto world. This is exactly what ItsBlockchain stand for.

Problem Solvers

If you have a problem, we have a solution. Building a perfect company-client symbiosis, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with unique and meticulously planned solutions for all your digital currency problems.

Customer Support

We are nothing, if not for you. A team comprising of the sharpest minds in the trading and investment industry for digital currency, is devoted to guiding you through any distress you face, big or small, round the clock.

Our Story

A year ago, we knew when the crypto-currency storm would hit, it would redefine the digital currency world as we knew it. So we waited for the waves of change to arrive and provided ourselves to be the base on which the storm stirs. Our first step was spread awareness on the backbone technology – Blockchain, which we accomplished well with a blog portal by the name itsblockchain.com and a WhatsApp group of 30 Blockchain and Bitcoin enthusiasts.
With our expert Hitesh Malviya, having more than 2 years of experience and a 95% signal success rate, ItsBlockchain has helped its members to make a profit of about $1 Million until the present day. Not only did we expand in our best skill – Cryptocurrency trading, but we also started managing client portfolio’s and since then, we have been unstoppable.
So here we are again, with a team that comprises of the best, and nothing but the best, presenting to you the India’s first ever cryptocurrency portfolio management and investment advisory portal. It’s time for a new era.

Hitesh Malviya

Blockchain Warrior

This is My Story

In India, parents often tell their children that are learning how to walk or cycle “Giroge nahi, toh badhoge kaise” which literally means “If you don’t fall, you will not learn how to get up and move forward.” But it was only in 2013 when I truly realized its meaning. One of my companions acquainted me with BTC mining when it’s value was about 600$. I watched it with speculation and saw it rise to 1000$ in the days that followed, during which I lost 2000$ in the downfall of the Liberty Reserve Coin. This was where I had fallen, and it made me lose my trust in the virtual currency.

It wasn’t until mid-2016 that my affair with BTC resparked as I went over a narrative on it – Rise and Rose of Bitcoin. The narrative was so intense than my excitement to get to know the intricacies behind BTC knew no bounds. And as my interest developed in Blockchain, I started moving forward in my relationship with virtual currency.

I scoured through articles and binged on recordings till I purchased the only BTC I have till date for 650$ (40,000 INR). I took my time to decide that I wanted to invest into Ether and Ripple which were extremely shabby at that time. Ether at 10$ and Ripple at 0.0004$, I had a solid trust my investment would be doubled in a year.

These coins developed monstrously well, I was not sufficiently astute to hold these for a couple of more months consequently changed over to BTC in April. At this time I had earned up to 12 BTC when I had just invested in one. BTC had also grown meanwhile and that meant almost 30x returns for me.

For a person who had lost 2000$ to virtual currency, you can only imagine what amount of happiness would a feat like this one would have brought.

This was the tipping point. I began researching and expounding on all blockchain based services, taking utmost care while picking coins for a bigger venture.

As of late, I exhorted one of my companions by transforming his 5 BTC into 20 BTC in three months with around 30x returns in fiat cash. It was the beginning. Then BTC figures started to get multiplied by 2,3,4 and 5. And within one month, I was getting overwhelming requests from investors, to manage their asset portfolios.

It was then that I began giving free tips on coins and furthermore give consultancy to financial specialists as a practice. The reason my relationship with bitcoin has been effective up until now is that I believe I feel the clink of the coin. This leads to a mutual trust that I will play the long innings with bitcoins.

Harman Preet

Harman Preet


Love coding, Blockchain Tech Enthusiast, Crypto Trader, Design Awesome UI/UX, A True Nomad, Swimmer, and Love Cooking.

Praveen Soni

Fund Manager

Internet Marketer, Blogger & Blockchain enthusiast


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Team Member 1

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